Maids (Eng Sub)

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As Man Wol crumbles, In Yub should attempt to salvage what she will be able to from her expertise as a maid, and shield these round her who've turn into her household.

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Kim Eun Ki should determine between his father and In Yub one ultimate time, as King Taejong and King Taejo are reunited.

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The order to get rid of In Yub finally ends up backfiring in a spectacular method, altering motivations and alliances within the energy wrestle between King Taejong, King Taejo, and Man Wol.

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In Yub and Kim Eun Ki each journey independently to Ham Heung to enchantment to King Taejo. In Yub's aim is to take away the tarnish from her household identify, whereas Kim Eun Ki has a grand...

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Man Wol should speed up their plans to steer an riot when it turns into clear that their cowl is blown.

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With Moo Myung imprisoned, In Yub should attempt to discover proof to show his innocence and uncover the management of Man Wol.

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Moo Myung discovers the key of his heritage. Kim Eun Ki assumes management over Man Wol.

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Because the Man Wol plot approaches execution, the Head Maid has chilly toes on the considered her adopted son, Moo Myung, being sacrificed.

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Moo Myung places himself ready to confront the King in preparation to execute Man Wol's plans. Poong Yi is used as a pawn in Girl Yoon's plan to eradicate Okay Yi and her child.

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In Yub will get an opportunity to speak to the King about her father's demise, however does not have the proof to sway him. Okay Yi is because of have her grasp's child, embarrassing t...

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In Yub has volunteered to change into a surrogate as a way to give her a window to flee. As a substitute she is captured by Man Wol, the rebellious group intent on bringing down the King of Joseon....

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The servants are compelled to determine in a day who between In Yub and Dan Ji will probably be bought off as a surrogate. Strings are pulled and favors known as in to attempt to assist resolve the...

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In Yub and Dan Ji are each accused of sleeping with their masters' husbands, and one in every of them have to be picked to turn out to be a pressured surrogate for a neighborhood Governor. ...

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When Kim Eun Ki and Yoon Okay marry, In Yub is pressured to attend on her former fiance. Dan Ji, after narrowly escaping many instances earlier than, is caught being untrue.

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In Yub cracks her father's coded final message, and races in opposition to time to ensure she will be able to use the data. Kim Eun Ki prepares for his second marriage, this time to In Yub&...

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Kim Eun Ki's plan to elope with In Yub is foiled when Sa Wol is dangled as a possible sufferer of their plot.

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In Yub is initiated into the maids quarters, however makes an attempt to flee. When she is granted permission to supervise her father's corpse, she finds that somebody may be very excited abou...

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Gook Yoo is sentenced to dismemberment for treason, after proof connecting him to rebels is discovered at a campsite. In Yub is punished for being relation, and is sentenced to servitude.

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In Yub's fiance, Kim Eun Ki, makes an try to retrive Gook Yoo on the eve of their marriage ceremony ceremony. Dan Ji pays the worth for making an attempt on In Yub's footwear.

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In Yub goes to a party to ask the elders if they will ship phrase alongside of the place her father is likely to be.

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