Healer (Eng Sub)

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Since plan A to carry down Elder and the Farmers did not go so properly, Healer and his group search for a plan B.

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Elder units a entice that endangers these round Healer and forces him to do one thing he does not wish to do.

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After the success of Moon Ho's plan, the Farmers determine to flex a little bit of their muscle.

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The supply is likely to be gone however not the lead. Healer continues to search for the tape of his father's confession, a tape that might change all the pieces.

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Now that Moon Shik is aware of every little thing, he decides it’s time to show everybody concerned a lesson on how issues actually work.

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Younger Shin and Healer start to share the secrets and techniques between them. In any case this time simply reacting, Healer and Moon Ho change into the aggressor.

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When he loses somebody near him, Healer does not know tips on how to take care of it.

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Kim Moon Shik appears to be getting nearer to discovering out Healer's true id. After having to saving him, Younger Shin can be beginning to determine issues out.

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Utilizing he true id as bait, Healer discovers what Moon Ho has been holding from him.

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Healer take an enormous threat as a way to discover out about his previous. Younger Shin decides to attempt to get nearer to Healer.

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The brand new Some Day Information kicks off it is protection with a bang and within the course of makes Younger Shin a star. Healer will get among the solutions he is been searching for.

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Moon Ho relalizes that he has put Younger Shin's dwell at risk and make a plan to maintain her secure.

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Younger Shin learns she doesn't but know the whole lot in regards to the 2 new individuals in her life and one in every of them once more causes her life to be at risk.

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Younger Shin 's story is popping out to be an even bigger handful than she ever anticipated. Healer learns that somebody is out to get him.

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Healer has now tied himself to Younger Shin after he intervened on her behalf throughout an assault.

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In Yub goes to a party to ask the elders if they will ship phrase alongside of the place her father could be.

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Because the Healer will get nearer to Younger Shin, he continues to surprise how she is aware of about him and why.

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The Healer's present task entails each Moon Ho and Younger Shin.

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The Healer works on a case that turns into tougher than it ought to have been. Reporters Moon Ho and Younger Shin work on their tales from very totally different ranges of their careers.

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