Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 7 : Mommy's Little Monster 0    0

Butch leads Penguin and his males to the warehouse the place Gertrude is being held, as Penguin plots his revenge on Galavan for kidnapping his mom. In the meantime, Nygma offers with the aftermath...

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Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 14 : The Return 1    0

Malcolm places Oliver and Thea in a harmful state of affairs that lands them on Lian Yu with Oliver's former enemy, Deathstroke. A flashback reveals when Oliver and Maseo returned to Starling ...

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Watch The Cosby Show Season 02 Episode 19 - Full House 1    0

After an exhausting midnight shift on the hospital and an evening's sleep, all Cliff desires is to learn his paper in peace - however the kids have taken over each room in th...

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Two and a Half Men Staffel 1 Folge 23 Deutsch 0    0

Charlie versucht, Judiths geschiedene support-Gruppe dazu zu bringen, Jake weiterhin Wochenenden bei ihm zu verbringen.

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Watch 90 Day Fiance Season 4 Episode 11 : Are You Ready for ... 2    0

Anfisa could also be on her approach again to Russia. Nicole cannot get in contact with Azan. Chantel & Pedro fear nobody will come to their marriage ceremony. Lowo's buddy reveals a t...

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Watch The Mist Season 01 Episode 08 - The Law of Nature 2    0

Nathalie good points full management of the remaining parishioners; on the mall, Alex and Jay proceed to develop nearer till Eve intervenes; Adrian and the gang make a cease at Adrian's dwelli...

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Watch The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7 : A Fractured Inheri... 1    0

Eleanor makes a startling discovery that exams her resolve, Tahani appears to make amends and Janet does some bonding.

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 20 : Wrath of the Villains: Un... 1    0

Bruce convinces Selina to interrupt into Arkham and rescue her good friend Bridgit, and alongside the way in which Selina encounters an escaping Edward. In the meantime, the manhunt for Azrael cont...

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 19 : Wrath of the Villains: Az... 1    0

Hugo figures out the important thing to controlling the resurrected Theo and sends him forth as... Azrael. In the meantime, Jim tries to persuade Barnes that Hugo is accountable for creating monste...

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 18 : Wrath of the Villains: Pi... 1    0

Bruce decrypts a few of his father's laptop recordsdata and learns of the mysterious Pinewood Challenge. Whereas he and Alfred examine, Barbara presents to assist Jim discover the mysterious T...

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 17 : Wrath of the Villains: In... 1    0

Jim discovers who framed him, however it could price him his life. In the meantime, Alfred provides Bruce an ultimatum, and Hugo releases Barbara from Arkham.

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 16 : Wrath of the Villains: Pr... 1    0

Whereas Jim adjusts to life in jail, Harvey makes plans to interrupt his good friend out. In the meantime, Oswald adjusts to household life however discovers that his new relations produce other pl...

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 15 : Wrath of the Villains: Ma... 1    0

Jim and Harvey attempt to monitor down a bomber who leaves riddles to his crimes. In the meantime, Oswald pays previous buddies a go to and is reunited with the daddy and household that he by no me...

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 13 : Wrath of the Villains: A ... 1    0

The GCPD take Nora to Arkham when her situation worsens, and Victor breaks into the asylum in his new guise as Mr. Freeze. In the meantime, Oswald undergoes excessive remedy at Hugo's fingers,...

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Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 12 : Wrath of the Villains: Mr... 1    0

A brand new killer stalks the streets of Gotham, freezing victims with liquid helium for his experiments in cyrogenic reanimation. In the meantime, Jim goes earlier than the board for his actions i...

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Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 : Haunted 1    0

Sara goes on a killing spree, and Oliver realizes that when she was introduced again, her soul did not come again together with her. As Sara stalks the one that killed her, Oliver turns to an previ...

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Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 4 : Beyond Redemption 1    0

Staff Arrow uncover that a gang of crooked cops is robbing drug sellers and promoting their product. Oliver turns to Quentin for assist, however quickly learns that he's working with Damian. I...

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Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 : Restoration 1    0

Damian brings in a metahuman, Double Down, to care for Inexperienced Arrow. In the meantime, Diggle and Inexperienced Arrow proceed working individually due to their previous. And Laurel and Thea j...

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Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 2 : The Candidate 1    0

Moira's pal Jessica Danforth decides to run for mayor of Star Metropolis. Whereas Workforce Arrow tries to guard her, Oliver realizes that the Lazarus Pit is taking its toll on Thea. Up to now...

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Watch Arrow Season 4 Episode 1 : Green Arrow 1    0

When a brand new gang, the Ghosts, hit the newly renamed Star Metropolis, Diggle, Thea, and Laurel discover themselves in over their heads. Laurel and Thea interrupt Oliver and Felicity's quie...

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Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 23 : My Name is Oliver Queen 1    0

With time operating out for Starling Metropolis, Oliver tries to cease Ra's from unleashing the bioweapon and killing thousands and thousands.

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Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 22 : This is Your Sword 1    0

Oliver/Al Sah-him finishes his coaching and is left with two remaining duties to turn into the following Ra's al Ghul. Ra's threatens Nyssa and delivers some stunning information. In t...

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Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 21 : Al Sah-Him 1    0

Oliver goes by way of a rigorous transformation. The League of Assassins units their websites on Nyssa, who's again in Starling Metropolis coaching Laurel. When Nyssa realizes they're ...

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 13 : Night Train 1    0

Whereas Eph and Nora take Zack to the boy's grandparents, Abraham and Vasiliy put together to bid for the Lumen towards Eichhorst. In the meantime, Quinlan and his Day-Hunters make their trans...

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 12 : Fallen Light 1    0

Eph makes preparations to get the bioweapon to Justine, in return for journey permits to get Zack to his grandparents. In the meantime, Eichhorst warns Eldritch that the white's results are no...

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 11 : Dead End 1    0

Eichhorst relives his previous whereas torturing Dutch within the current, whereas Vasiliy and the others attempt to discover their good friend. In the meantime, Abraham lastly meets Rudyard, and G...

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 10 : The Assassin 1    0

Dutch helps Eph try and assassinate Eldritch. In the meantime, Abraham, Vasiliy, and Nora seek for Rudyard Fonescu and the Lumen, whereas Justine tells the Higher East Siders the value they should ...

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 9 : The Battle for Red Hoo... 1    0

Justine takes drastic measures to counter a shock invasion. Nora and Fet carry out a helpful mission whereas Eph and Setrakian face off in opposition to an previous foe.

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 8 : Intruders 1    0

Eph should defend Zack towards a shock intruder into Purple Hook. Gus convinces the Guptas to make a troublesome selection. Fet and Setrakian got down to purchase the Lumen however uncover they are...

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Watch The Strain Season 2 Episode 7 : The Born 1    0

Setrakian and Fet use Fitzwilliam's data to assault the Grasp, however a mysterious new participant arrives. Dutch receives a shock visitor. Eph returns to NYC pissed off however energized to ...

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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 11 : By the Light... 1    0

As the complete moon approaches, Caroline helps Tyler put together for the transformation he's powerless to cease. Whereas Stefan and Katherine play thoughts video games on each other, Damon a...

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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 : The Sacrific... 1    0

Elena decides to take issues into her personal fingers and affords a tempting incentive to Rose for her assist. When issues take an surprising flip, nevertheless, Rose calls on Damon to take care o...

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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 : Katerina 1    0

Elena places herself in a harmful place as she searches for the reality about Katherine's previous and what her personal future could maintain. Figuring out that Stefan would by no means compl...

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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 8 : Rose 1    0

Stefan and Damon come to Elena's help and, within the course of, be taught stunning new details about folks, vampires and occasions within the distant previous. Jeremy helps Bonnie after she c...

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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7 : Masquerade 1    0

Stefan and Damon resolve on a brand new plan to cope with Katherine on the Lockwood's masquerade ball. Katherine calls on an previous good friend, Lucy, to attend the ball together with her. B...

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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6 : Plan B 1    0

Regardless of Elena's efforts to maintain Jeremy secure, he presents to assist Damon and Alaric take care of Katherine. Sheriff Forbes and Caroline share just a few uncommon moments of high qu...

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